Project Psalms: Psalm 11

Last week, I watched Nick Spencer burn himself at the stake (figuratively, of course) when he made Captain America out to be Hydra all along. Literally, no one was happy with that development. And that somehow got me thinking.

Not every plot twist is good. Not every opportunity is welcome. Not every solution is right. Not every decision is a wise one. Not every thought is from God. There are times when people say to you, but you could have done this or that OR you must do this now. And it all seems logical at the moment. But if the Lord has told you to plant yourself there and wait for Him, no storm or wind can make you move unless you want to.

We watch superhero films and shows where they defy science and logic completely. How much more can the Lord defy our logic and our understanding of science? Our job is to trust and obey. That is all He asks of us. And it may seem illogical or things won’t make sense at first. But I’ve learned (and am still learning) that the best step I can take is the one directed by God. No matter how vague and cryptic the step may seem.


Jesus – The anchor for my soul!

You are the anchor for my soul! You keep me grounded in you. You keep me firm in tempest and storm. Your will keeps me from swaying around. I will follow You.
You defy logic and reason. You’re a God above all things. I hold you high in my life as You hold me close to Your heart! 🙂

Relentless | Hillsong United

Hillsong United has been known world over for their worship music. This year, they have taken worship music to a whole other level.

Their album, Zion is full of interesting sounds. But the acoustic sessions of that album has piqued my interest the most. This stripped down, true-to-words version of the album makes you focus on the lyrics and brings you to your knees in worship.

“Relentless” is such a unique and true way to describe His love for us. When we think of a love that “goes on” and is “relentless”, we believe in a force that makes us be loved by that Almighty who created love in the first place. It makes us hope for a love so intense that it fights “for the furthest heart”. It truly makes “distant hearts begin believing”.

An idea that there is a God out there whose love for us is unrelenting, intense, persistent, never-ending, steady, incessant and uninterrupted just takes you to a place of awe and worship that no amount of doubt can ever take away from you.

I could go on writing about how His love is amazing, but what stood out most for me in this song is that there is hope for the ones out there that are far away from His love. And even when you are feeling down in the dumps and see no light at the end of your tunnel, this song reminds you that He carries us “when the world gives way”. Is there any love greater than that?