Project Psalms: Psalm 9

Have you ever felt like you needed victory over a situation? Difficult boss, passive aggressive coworker. A difficult neighbor or family member. A lost child. Desperate financial situation. Uncertain future. Have you felt caught up in a war that you didn’t exactly ask to be in, but find yourself in the center looking for a way to win?

Psalm 9 talks about a God of victories. Whatever the problem, whatever the situation, He is a God that that can overcome anything. The wicked are against you? No problem, the God of victories will fight by your side. Nations are against you? No problemo, the God of Angel Armies is fighting by your side.

But what’s more is that He isn’t a God who just fights those battles with you. He is a God who tends to the post-war situations as well. Shelter and refuge for those who need it, never abandoning them. The hope of the poor, the comfort for the widows and children.

So if you’re in a situation of helplessness, know that the God who is with you not only fights the battles but sees you through later on as well. So he will not just help you while you’re going through stuff, but will hold your hand through the consequences as well. The God of beginning and the End. He will surely see you through to the end.


A few designs of scriptures. Enjoy!

Faith Rediscovered

Faith rediscovered; hope reignited

All I pray for now is that I never lose sight

Of the brilliance of Your wondrous works.

Lord and Maker of Time, nothing compares to Your perfect timing.

My heart turns into a bundle of joy when I feel You near.

My mind is all clear when Your word is what I hear.

All my preoccupations turn to mist and disappear when You draw near.

All my worries melt away when You speak to me.

All my doubts drift away when You touch me.

Every time I look up on Your face, even though I don’t see You

I know You are smiling down at me, reassuring me of Your presence.

Your everlasting kindness is something I can count on.

Your abundant mercy, my only hope

Your love, my only chance at survival