Without You

Without You, oh Lord, life is nothing but passing time.
Nothing makes sense, nothing ever rhymes.
I have no direction, and no plan.
Without You, I don’t even think I can.

I walk into walls, bump into cars.
Press into things that leave me scars.
My life is nothing but a farce.

Without You, oh Lord, my heart has nothing to hold on to.
My hope has no ground, it just flails about.
In a way, I’m a zombie without You.


Prayer for Protection

Lord, Your light shines in the midst of all the darkness

You hold me despite all of the evil around me

You give me hope even in the face of my weakness

You turn my life around completely


Your joy fills my inner-most being

Your love has a firm grip on my heart

Even after all the evil I’m seeing

Trust in You will never depart


Praise fills my heart as I see

All that You have done for me

And I can’t help but rejoice

That all the evil will have to pay the price

You’re impartial and Your justice true

You never fail in anything You do


A prayer for protection of my loved ones fills my heart

As I ponder on what is about to come

Be gentle oh Lord, on them who’ve wandered afar

And let them know that in Your kingdom they’re still welcome

Faith Rediscovered

Faith rediscovered; hope reignited

All I pray for now is that I never lose sight

Of the brilliance of Your wondrous works.

Lord and Maker of Time, nothing compares to Your perfect timing.

My heart turns into a bundle of joy when I feel You near.

My mind is all clear when Your word is what I hear.

All my preoccupations turn to mist and disappear when You draw near.

All my worries melt away when You speak to me.

All my doubts drift away when You touch me.

Every time I look up on Your face, even though I don’t see You

I know You are smiling down at me, reassuring me of Your presence.

Your everlasting kindness is something I can count on.

Your abundant mercy, my only hope

Your love, my only chance at survival


In a room full of people I look out the window

Admiring the breathtaking scenery before me

Slowly the loud voices diminish into the background

As my mind wanders & begins to wonder at what You’ve done.

Every time I think about You,

My mind swims with memories

My heart with gratitude

My soul with love

And I know for sure that of You, I can never get enough.

The enormity of words cannot describe Your love

The vastness of the ocean cannot describe Your greatness

Human minds cannot fathom,

That You chose to love us and why

The Ugly Praise

I come to You, Lord

With nothing to bring but my words

I come to bring You praise, Lord

Because that’s all I wanna do


I say I wish I could make music like they do

I say I wish I could sing like they do

I say I wish I could dance like they do

I say I wish I could talk like they do

But as I look toward heaven, You make me realize

That it matters not how I make the praise arise

Because You have already paid the price


So even though I can’t play any instrument

And I am not very articulate

My words still make all the noise

Because in my Lord alone I rejoice


The words too ain’t perfect

The rhyme scheme flawed

But I bring them to You anyway

Because You alone are God!

When I see You …

I will be still, stunned into silence

My eyes drinking in Your glory

My heart barely beating

My mind gasping in unfathomable awe

All my senses focused on the One true God

My ears hear “hallelujah” choruses

And I feel an irresistible nudge to follow suit

I find my mouth complying

And singing “hallelujah” with the angels

I am suddenly aware of how small I am

Both in stature and status

I find myself falling to my knees

In worship and adoration

With hands lifted high

I sing with all my might

I feel every eye fixed on me

But nothing can hold me back

As I worship my Lord and King

Then You turn and fix Your eyes on me

And I can’t help but fall prostrate

That my Lord my King

Would look upon someone like me

But You with magnificent love

Seeping through those merciful eyes

Bless me and count me as Your own

And give me a place with Your children

Oh that my heart could take it all in

That my soul would remember this day forever

The day the King showed mercy and favor

On someone as unworthy as me

A Prayer

I lay awake at night, unable to fall asleep

Looked at the clock every 5 minutes

But the time still dragged on slowly…

I closed my eyes trying to clear my head of all the thoughts

And found myself praying to fall asleep.

A few minutes later, I was still awake with my eyes closed in prayer.

And I prayed…

For the faith to see me through difficult times

For the strength to face my fears

For the courage to not give up

For the hope that everything will be ok

For the loyalty to stick by You even when everything is going great

For the eyes that see what You want me to see

For the ears that hear what You want to say to me

For the heart that longs for Your will

For the mind that gives You control

For the awe that glorifies You

For the kindness You modeled for us

For the forgiveness You granted willingly to those who hated You

For the grace and mercy that made me Yours

For the love that brought You into this world

For the love that You so freely gave asking for nothing in return.