Project Psalms: Psalm 7

When I was a wee little child, I was extremely fond of Mowgli (The Jungle Book). I’d wait for it to come on television and sit cross-legged, wide-eyed in front of the world of Bagheera, Baloo and Sher Khan. Sadly, because it doesn’t come on anymore, I took my younger cousin to see the new Jungle Book movie. As we were watching, I think I regressed into the child who sat in front of the television, those many years ago. Wide-eyed and expectant. I knew it would end happily (SPOILER ALERT!) having watched so many episodes as a child but somehow, whenever Mowgli was in trouble, I’d breathe out a silent “No” for him. I am 27 years old, for crying out loud!

It got me thinking: No matter how old or wise we think we are, we are just wee little things in front of the God who made us. He adores it when we come to Him for solutions, or dilemmas or even for help. He wants us to look to Him for answers. I don’t think He’s asking for much, to be honest. Just that we acknowledge that He is the God who has got the whole world in His hands and that He is the only solution to all that we are facing.

I love it when I can be a child in front of the Lord. You know, come to Him for the smallest to the biggest of struggles I go through. I love that I can breathe a prayer to Him about things like financial breakthroughs as well as for the bus to come soon when I’m running late. As far as I can tell, He doesn’t mind. And He has never let me down. I love that we have the freedom to talk to the Lord of the universe in such a way.



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