Project Psalms: Psalm 6

This Psalm is cry that arises from the times of troubled weakness. You know, when you feel so low about yourself and feel like you’re not worth anything? You wonder if anyone will love you? You wonder if your existence has even made a dent in people’s lives? And then you think that if you die today, no one would notice you’re gone?

I have been through every single one of those scenarios. And you know when I told one of my friends back then what I was feeling, she said I was weak. And I don’t know to this day if that was meant to cheer me up, but all it did was break me down even more. Until recently, every time I would face a challenge, I would hear her in my head saying I was too weak to amount to anything. It took a lot of breaking down situations and turning to God for answers to make me realize. Yeah I AM WEAK, BUT SO WHAT? It is not my strength. It is God who is in me, that I can accomplish all things through.

The same statement that brought me down all those years, that statement was turned around to bring me closer to the One who can help me make a dent in the world. So if you’re in a situation where you think you can’t do it, or you’ve been told you don’t have it in you, just remember this: In your weakness, He will be your strength. Go forward, knowing that He will give you the strength, ability, resources you need to accomplish what you need to do. Because, His word says that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.


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