Project Psalm: Psalm 5

This Psalm speaks of loyalty and commitment. From both sides. It says, I will never pray to anyone but You and commits to going to Him with requests every morning.

What do you do first thing in the morning? To be completely honest, I am guilty of not going to the Lord first thing in the morning. The first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone for the time, but end up looking at all the notifications. Then I respond to the texts I missed. Then I crawl out of bed and freshen up, pour myself some tea and THEN spend time with the Lord. So how am I really prioritizing the Lord in my life? By the looks of it, He comes after everyone else on my notifications. It isn’t really fair to the One who saved my soul and I claim is the Lord of my life, is it?

Then it (the Psalm) goes on to talk about how the Lord has unfailing love towards us and how He protects us with His shield of love. Think about it, He doesn’t need a reason to love and protect us. He just does. Even if we’ve not put Him first in our priority list, every time we call Him, He is there. So clearly, it isn’t our deeds that make Him love us, but His grace. So instead of listening to our head and trying to make ourselves worthy of the grace and love (which is pointless, frankly), maybe we could work on our loyalty and commitment to Him? Maybe all He wants from us is that we put Him before all else?


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