Project Psalms: Psalm 3

This Psalm reminds me of Noah. Remember when he had to build an ark when there wasn’t even a drop of rain? Imagine the ridicule and torment he had had to endure every single day. People laughing at him, passing snide comments, gossip spreading that he has lost his mind. Imagine being in a situation where you know in your heart that you’re doing what the Lord has asked you to do, but everyone else thinks you’re mad. Imagine not being able to explain how you “just know” that it was the Lord speaking to you and not your own imagination running wild. Imagine the battles your must would face, tossing about between wondering if you really are crazy and knowing for certain that God has called you to build that ark.

If you’re in a situation where you think no one can rescue you. If people are saying you’re a lost cause or that there is no hope for you, just remember that God is a “shield around” you. He will lift your head high in front of the very people that ridicule you and underestimate you. He will keep you safe and watch over you. Just look to Him. Count on Him. Because victory comes from the Lord.


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