Project Psalms: Psalm 2

Sometimes we get so lost in the image of God as a loving Father that we forget that He is also a mighty powerful King. The King who can tear apart kingdoms. The King who can part the sea for His people. The King who can strike people to death. The King who can upturn tables in the temple place.

Yes, He is a powerful King. But He chooses to be a loving Father to us. A father who will wait for you to turn back to Him. A Father who will welcome you with loving arms. A Father who will provide. A Father who will never leave nor forsake you.

Isn’t this so mesmerizingly wonderful? Its like one of those fantasy movies we watch where the character who is super successful and strong and powerful, who turns out to have a heart of gold too. But that’s who Jesus is. And we tend to forget that He is also all-knowing and all-powerful. We get so used to seeing Him as the God who tends to our wounds, and loves us that we forget that we also need to serve Him with reverence. But how?

When I was watching Merlin that time (I know I know… I bring it up a lot. But hey, it got me thinking about a lot of stuff, okay?), I realized the difference. When Uther (Arthur’s father) was king, people feared him. Just blindly feared him. No one dared speak up even when they should have. No one dared look him in the eye. No one dared to cross him. Not because they agreed with him, but because they feared him so much. But when Arthur was king, he was just and kind and a good king. So people respected his authority whilst loving him. They knew they could come to him with any problems they were facing. They knew he would hear them out. They knew he wouldn’t have them hanged just for stepping out of line. They knew they could love him as well as worship him as king.

Our God is so much more than Arthur. He has time and again proved He is faithful and just and kind and loving. But He has also proved that He has authority over all creation, not just one kingdom. So our reverence must be so much more than just singing a few songs on Sunday. Our reverence needs to be to acknowledge his authority over our lives daily, knowing that He wants what is best for us. Knowing that He wants us to be our better selves. Knowing that He will never leave us or abandon us. Knowing that He has the universe at His command and yet He takes time to mend your broken heart.

A God and King like that deserves much more than our fear and respect, He deserves our love and loyalty as well.


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