It’s about TIME

Do you ever feel the urge to do something good like read the Bible at odd hours in the day, but end up Netflix-ing instead? Well, the past week for me has been riddled with urges and temptations like this. I would feel the urge to read a book written by a renowned pastor, but I would end up watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix (I’m counting on the Christian in you not to judge me, pretty please?). I would want to wake up early, but would end up sleeping until my stomach growled with hunger. I would want to spend time watching a message on Youtube, but would end up spending hours on end on Tumblr. Now before you say something like “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”, let me tell you, in my case, both spirit and body are weak. I realized that I am incapable of overcoming these small temptations which then end up occupying and wasting my day.

Each day, I would assure myself that I will not give in. And each day, (spoiler alert) I gave in even more. I would wake up every morning charged to spend time with the Lord and by the end of the day, I would have no recollection of the commitment I made earlier that day. Then it hit me. Slowly and silently. But it hit home way too hard for me to not notice. Not by might. Not by power. BUT BY MY SPIRIT, says the Lord. How can I even hope to accomplish control over my desires, when I can’t even manage to get myself out of bed on time? But HIS SPIRIT. Now there’s a solution.

I realized then, that I was trying. Trying too hard to please God. Trying too hard to “do what I knew was right”. When what I should have been doing is letting the Holy Spirit take control of my time and my life. Do you know how easy that is? But then again, it is easier said than done. Giving the Holy Spirit the control doesn’t mean I get to slack around all day saying the Holy Spirit will take care of things. It means that every moment I get to invite the Holy Spirit to take charge of things and to involve Him in every decision. It frees a huge burden off your shoulders and you get to sleep that night knowing your day wasn’t in vain.


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