When God calls

What do you do when you feel the Lord calling you? What do you say? How do you respond? A few months ago, I didn’t know the answer to these questions either. Then I heard His call. I felt the uneasiness of the current situation, and an urge to do something more for Him. And then, I surrendered to what His plan is for me and my future ministry.

It wasn’t easy at first. So if anyone tells you that all you need to do is say “Here I am, Lord. Send me.” it is way more than that. Here’s what I learned to do since I’ve heard His calling on my life:

  1. Get excited: I mean, how often can you say that the Lord of all creation chose you (Yes, YOU!) to do something for Him? Revel in it. Take pleasure in knowing that you serve a God Almighty who doesn’t get hung up on your flaws and that He chose you despite who you were and what you did. (I know it sounds like a Backstreet Boys soundtrack, but its true.) So instead of thinking “It must have been some mistake, how can He pick me to do something so awesome?”, surrender to His plan. He knows what He is doing. It’s not your plan. It’s His. So enjoy this moment, because a lot of work awaits you.
  2. Thank Him: Once you allow yourself to get excited, you will see the enormity of the situation and in effect, the magnitude of the God whose calling you’ve just heard. He didn’t call you by chance. It was a well-thought-of plan. And His plan included YOU. Glorify Him and celebrate and rejoice in Him who made all this possible. (Luke 1:47)
  3. Draw nearer to Him: Makes sense, doesn’t it? Imagine if your boss called you to work closely with her on a very important project. Would you ignore her and do your own thing? OR would you spend more time in meetings with her, so you can get everything right, so you know what it is that you would need to do? It’s the same thing with God’s calling. You can’t really do His will according to His plan, if you are not walking in Him. Spend all your time in Him, talk to Him about everything. Get rid of things He asks you to let go of. (James 4:8)
  4. Know that He provides: Does His plan include you travelling to places? Or studying? Are you worried about finances? 2 Corinthians 9:8 says that you, who’ve had sufficiency in everything, because you’re about to do something good, will have abundance in everything. Relax. It is God’s plan. He will take care of it all. He knows what you need before you can even think about it. Sit back and know that everything you need and more will be provided for your ministry.
  5. Know that He will make a way: I am the least deserving, least talented and the least useful person in my church. And He picked me. Why? I have yet to figure that out. All I know for now is that God, in His grace and mercy, chose me (a worthless and useless person) to do something important for Him. And boy, am I gonna try to not let Him down. If you wonder what people will think about you or what they would say if they found out that God chose YOU, read Psalms 3:3. He’s going to be the shield that protects you from negativity and harm, and He is going to lift you up in front of the very people that think that you’re no good.
  6. Overcome doubts: I have no secret formula to overcome doubts. In fact, I still don’t know how exactly to do it, except to pray about them. Praying and worshiping the Lord fills me with peace and renews my faith in Him. Reading the word reveals what the Lord is saying to me. Scriptures like Matthew 14:31 pop at me and I know that the Lord is near and is hearing my every thought filled with anxiety and doubt. Have faith in the One who has called you and in His plan. All the doubts and worries will not matter anymore when you see the bigger picture that the Lord is holding out for you to see.
  7. Take the plunge: This is where the “Here I am, Lord. Send me.” comes in. Take the first step. This the hardest thing to do. For some it may be filling out a form, for others it may be booking a ticket. For some, like me, it will be quitting my job. Whatever it is, do it. God will ensure that it will be totally worth it. (Jeremiah 29:11) Trust in Him who has called you, for He knows what He is doing. His plans for you are greater and bigger than you can ever imagine. Take the first step and show Him that you’re in.

It may all seem like a blur to you now. It may all seem like an impossible feat and you may feel small in the light of it all. But the One with you is omnipotent and omniscient. He has chalked out the remainder of your life in His beautiful plan. So let nothing keep you from getting on that plane or signing those forms. And if you’re unclear about what you’re supposed to be doing but You’ve heard His calling, then take the step that He shows you to take. He will soon make it all clear to you. And trust His word, He will make it worth your while. What would you say to a God who is at your door-step asking if you’d go on an adventure with Him?


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