I will wait on the Lord. Can I, really?

You know those times when you don’t know what God wants for you, but you just KNOW you have to wait? Just wait. Simple, right? Wrong. Waiting is the single most difficult thing to do. If you are going through something, you can cry, talk about it or even write about it. But what do you do when you’re just waiting?

Imagine standing at crossroads and you don’t know where to go. You look in all directions and you can’t see past the crossroad. You don’t know where any of those paths will lead. So you just wait. Wait for direction. Wait for God to tell you which way is good for you.

Not knowing the destination can be scary. VERY scary. But with God on your side, nothing can go wrong. I know that. But what do I do right now? Do I just curl up and wait for the epiphany that shows me where to go? It seems like a simple solution, but life doesn’t pause when you’re waiting, does it? Going through life, seemingly without purpose gets to me. Mood swings and sporadic weeping take over.

But God says He knows the plans He has for me. He says He will show me great and mighty things, things I could not have imagined. All He asks of me is to wait. On Him. So I go about life trying to have enough faith to get through this. When I lack, I know I only have to ask Him and He will provide.


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