I forgive. Do I?

Forgiveness is probably the most preached about Christian concept that you’ve ever heard. It is also the one that is most difficult to follow. I have been trying to forgive the same people for 2 years now. But it is only recently that I feel like I might actually have forgiven them. Here’s what I learnt over the past couple of years.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean learning to work with them despite how you feel.
It means to care about them enough to pray for them.
It doesn’t mean to forcefully smile at them from across the room.
It means to let go of your grudges completely.
It doesn’t mean judging them for their actions.
It means seeing that they are more than their mistakes.
It doesn’t mean cringing every time you have to talk to them.
It means to forgive them with all your heart so that the memories of what they’ve done gets replaced by what God has done for you.

Forgiveness isn’t easy.
It is so hard that sometimes you may burst into tears. I did.
But that only means that God’s strength alone will get you through.

Think of one person that needs your forgiveness this week and ask the Lord for His strength to help you forgive. God will definitely come through.

Happy forgiving! 🙂


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