A Pocketful of Love

Once upon a time in a small town outside of the city, there lived a little girl named Grace. She was beautiful, both on the outside and from within. God Almighty was so pleased with her generous nature that He gave her a gift – a pocketful of love.

Just like her name, she was gracious and offered love to everyone she met. Some took it, some didn’t. But she went on giving.

One evening, she got curious to see what people did with the love she freely gave them. She went about town in disguise and watched them discreetly.

She saw one person had displayed it proudly on his mantle above the fireplace, but only glanced at it once in a while when he needed it.

She saw another had left it on a table and soon it was hidden under files and clothes and other things. She wondered why he made no attempt to look for it. But she realized he had forgotten all about it and was caught up in other things.

She saw another person take it in his hand. Hope arose in her heart. Maybe this one will treat it well, she thought hopefully. But instead, in his anger and frustration he crushed it and threw it away.

Heartbroken, tears flowed freely from her eyes. She rushed into the solace of the quiet woods nearby. Disappointment and dismay shattered her. She peered into the pocket and saw there was just a little bit left. She wept asking God to forgive her for having squandered the gift He’d given her on people who didn’t care.

God smiled. “It’s the same with My love”, He said. “Some accept it and some don’t. Of those who accept it, some keep it on display and only look to it when they are in trouble and desperately need it. Some accept it and then forget all about it after a while as they get caught up in work and other things. Some, because of the circumstances in their life, become bitter and reject the love I give them. It pains me to see My love ignored. But I love them anyway. And I will never run out of love for them.”

At that, Grace felt encouraged to keep on giving. And she too, never ran out of love.


2 thoughts on “A Pocketful of Love

  1. This is so beautiful! I see a real parallel here to “The Parable of the Sower” in Matthew 13:3-9 when Jesus referred to God’s Word being “planted” (shared) in (with) various “conditions” (people).

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