Relentless | Hillsong United

Hillsong United has been known world over for their worship music. This year, they have taken worship music to a whole other level.

Their album, Zion is full of interesting sounds. But the acoustic sessions of that album has piqued my interest the most. This stripped down, true-to-words version of the album makes you focus on the lyrics and brings you to your knees in worship.

“Relentless” is such a unique and true way to describe His love for us. When we think of a love that “goes on” and is “relentless”, we believe in a force that makes us be loved by that Almighty who created love in the first place. It makes us hope for a love so intense that it fights “for the furthest heart”. It truly makes “distant hearts begin believing”.

An idea that there is a God out there whose love for us is unrelenting, intense, persistent, never-ending, steady, incessant and uninterrupted just takes you to a place of awe and worship that no amount of doubt can ever take away from you.

I could go on writing about how His love is amazing, but what stood out most for me in this song is that there is hope for the ones out there that are far away from His love. And even when you are feeling down in the dumps and see no light at the end of your tunnel, this song reminds you that He carries us “when the world gives way”. Is there any love greater than that?


A Pocketful of Love

Once upon a time in a small town outside of the city, there lived a little girl named Grace. She was beautiful, both on the outside and from within. God Almighty was so pleased with her generous nature that He gave her a gift – a pocketful of love.

Just like her name, she was gracious and offered love to everyone she met. Some took it, some didn’t. But she went on giving.

One evening, she got curious to see what people did with the love she freely gave them. She went about town in disguise and watched them discreetly.

She saw one person had displayed it proudly on his mantle above the fireplace, but only glanced at it once in a while when he needed it.

She saw another had left it on a table and soon it was hidden under files and clothes and other things. She wondered why he made no attempt to look for it. But she realized he had forgotten all about it and was caught up in other things.

She saw another person take it in his hand. Hope arose in her heart. Maybe this one will treat it well, she thought hopefully. But instead, in his anger and frustration he crushed it and threw it away.

Heartbroken, tears flowed freely from her eyes. She rushed into the solace of the quiet woods nearby. Disappointment and dismay shattered her. She peered into the pocket and saw there was just a little bit left. She wept asking God to forgive her for having squandered the gift He’d given her on people who didn’t care.

God smiled. “It’s the same with My love”, He said. “Some accept it and some don’t. Of those who accept it, some keep it on display and only look to it when they are in trouble and desperately need it. Some accept it and then forget all about it after a while as they get caught up in work and other things. Some, because of the circumstances in their life, become bitter and reject the love I give them. It pains me to see My love ignored. But I love them anyway. And I will never run out of love for them.”

At that, Grace felt encouraged to keep on giving. And she too, never ran out of love.

Prayer for Protection

Lord, Your light shines in the midst of all the darkness

You hold me despite all of the evil around me

You give me hope even in the face of my weakness

You turn my life around completely


Your joy fills my inner-most being

Your love has a firm grip on my heart

Even after all the evil I’m seeing

Trust in You will never depart


Praise fills my heart as I see

All that You have done for me

And I can’t help but rejoice

That all the evil will have to pay the price

You’re impartial and Your justice true

You never fail in anything You do


A prayer for protection of my loved ones fills my heart

As I ponder on what is about to come

Be gentle oh Lord, on them who’ve wandered afar

And let them know that in Your kingdom they’re still welcome

What are you waiting for

You have the zest, zeal and ability to fulfill your responsibilities as a Christian.


To testify

To learn new things

To improve your ways of worship

To use your talents for the Lord

To tell everyone what the Lord has done for you

To apologize to those you’ve hurt

To let go of severed relationships

To make some relationships right

To talk to a family member you have ignored for a long time

To thank your friends for being there

To thank God for all He has done for you

To tell your friends that you’re a Christian

To make God your foremost priority in your life

To make His praise the sole purpose of your life

To claim His promises

To hold on to His word and wait patiently for Him to work

To forgive those who’ve hurt you

To show people that you love them and care about them

To let go of all grudges


Those are your responsibilities as a Christian. So are you ready to show the world that you are a child of the One True God?


What are you waiting for? Start today!

Faith Rediscovered

Faith rediscovered; hope reignited

All I pray for now is that I never lose sight

Of the brilliance of Your wondrous works.

Lord and Maker of Time, nothing compares to Your perfect timing.

My heart turns into a bundle of joy when I feel You near.

My mind is all clear when Your word is what I hear.

All my preoccupations turn to mist and disappear when You draw near.

All my worries melt away when You speak to me.

All my doubts drift away when You touch me.

Every time I look up on Your face, even though I don’t see You

I know You are smiling down at me, reassuring me of Your presence.

Your everlasting kindness is something I can count on.

Your abundant mercy, my only hope

Your love, my only chance at survival


In a room full of people I look out the window

Admiring the breathtaking scenery before me

Slowly the loud voices diminish into the background

As my mind wanders & begins to wonder at what You’ve done.

Every time I think about You,

My mind swims with memories

My heart with gratitude

My soul with love

And I know for sure that of You, I can never get enough.

The enormity of words cannot describe Your love

The vastness of the ocean cannot describe Your greatness

Human minds cannot fathom,

That You chose to love us and why